Plaza Cristo Rey nº3 44140 Cantavieja (Teruel, Spain)

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Artisanal and Traditional

The tradition of drying and curing of lamb meat from Teruel, made in an artisanal and natural way.


L-ANDALUS TRADITION TIRWAL is born in the Spanish province of Teruel. The province is characterised by its lifelong tradition in lamb meat drying and curation, which has been passed on for generations. After years of investigation, we have managed to create an optimal and innovative product in the field of lamb meat curation.

All our products come from national herds, almost entirely from Aragonese breeds: Rasa Aragonesa, Roya Bilbilitana and Ojinegra from Teruel, which is why we have been able to obtain the prestigious PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) Lamb from Aragon (“Ternasco de Aragón”).

A unique location for an exceptional product

Our meat-drying facility is located in the centre of Cantavieja, a small settlement in Teruel, which is considered to be one of the most picturesque villages of Spain. Its authentic medieval character and tradition provide the best setting for this unique meat-drying facility in Aragón.